Get an iPhone Without a Contract

Get an iPhone Without a Contract


There are many reasons why some people are hesitant to buy Apple’s first cell phone and one of those is the requirement to sign a lengthy two-year contract, tied down to a plan that you may not want to pay 24 months from now. Well, through some sort of strange AT&T loophole, you can apparently purchase an iPhone and not sign any contract whatsoever. Instead, you just use their Go Phone prepaid service.

Yes, I said prepaid. Let me walk you through the reported steps, bearing in mind that none of this has actually been officially confirmed by the blue globe of a service provider.

First, you need bad credit. This way, AT&T will take a cash deposit from you instead of your shady credit card. This deposit can range anywhere from $250 to $800. If you have particularly bad credit, AT&T is authorized to offer you the Apple iPhone with their Go Phone service. Just because they’re authorized to do so doesn’t mean they will, though. At least you’ve got that inkling of hope.