AMA Wants Embedded RFIDs

AMA Wants Embedded RFIDs


You’ve seen those MedicAlert bracelets that some people wear, telling anyone around them that they have special allergies or blood conditions that others need to be aware in emergencies. Well, those bracelets might soon be a thing of the past, if the AMA gets its way regarding RFID chips.

The American Medical Association is considering implanting those radio frequency identification chips inside patients’ bodies, to monitor recovery, keep track of rehabilitation, and warn of impending emergencies.

Such noble purposes sound great on paper, but one needs to keep in mind that anyone with an RFID reader could have access to have such medical information. It doesn’t take an evil genius to plan a hijack of sensitive info, so we hope that these sorts of chips have some sort of encryption on them.

Then there’s the question of how to keep those tags from getting pushed around by the inside of the body. A bracelet might be taken off, but it doesn’t move around very much when it’s on your wrist. An embedded RFID tag, though, can certainly migrate throughout your body, perhaps causing trouble in your bloodstream or with internal organs and certainly being able to “hide” from the very medical staff who want to access them in the first place.

Much more to be ironed out therein, but it sounds like future tech is getting much closer to be present tech.