Volkswagen Fox with Two Bikes in Tow

Volkswagen Fox with Two Bikes in Tow


You can probably figure out that a vehicle as small as the Volkswagen Fox is great on the gas mileage side of things but woeful at the cargo side of things. Such things as bicycles won’t fit too nicely in the back unless you take both wheels off, fold up the frame, or things like that. So it’s rather convenient and thoughtful for Volkswagen to include a rear bike rack as an accessory.

The rack is lightweight, made up of aluminum and steel. A lockable clamp holds the bikes in place during transport, so no banging together and mashing gears or chains. A license plate holder and tail lights are thoughtful elements as well. Best of all, an integrated hinge allows you to chuck items in the back of the vehicle even when the bikes are already on the rack.

You’ll pay a bit for all that convenience, though, US$525, to be exact. That’s a bit more than you’d probably pay for a third-party bike rack, but this one has been designed with the Fox in mind.