The Brace-Faced Strap-nel Cell Phone Protector

The Brace-Faced Strap-nel Cell Phone Protector


Leather holster? Please. Neoprene case? Get out of here. This hot new cell phone protector from Japan has both of them beat in spades. Instead of using some flimsy fabric to house your mobile communicator, this holster is constructed of metal, latching around your cell phone like a tight pair of braces on a teenager.

Some say that it’s a cross “between a seatbelt, gun holster, or bondage device”, but I just say that it looks totally hardcore and, well, not all that pretty. The adjustable roller and strap allow it to take on cell phones ranging from 17-57mm of girth. To get at the phone when a call comes in, just make use of the “quick release” mechanism. You know, like the safe word.

Retails for about 25 bucks in Japan.