Pay Your Parking Meter via Mobile

Pay Your Parking Meter via Mobile


You might want to answer that because it’s your parking meter calling.

No, really. Vancouver and Niagara Falls are testing parking meters that notify drivers via cell phone when their parking time is about to expire.

Now, the really evil way to do that would be to call you on your cell phone and then require more money at the meter. But the manufacturer, Photo Violation Technologies, hasn’t set it up that way. No, you can use your cell phone to make a wireless payment to that meter, extending your parking time.

You could also pay your fine right at the meter, if you didn’t happen to answer your phone when the meter was calling.

Sound too enlightened? It does to us, too, especially since it’s parking fines that make local city councils’ budgets go round. Still, a solar-powered Wi-Fi hotspot that doubles as a self-regulating parking meter is something we’d like to see in action.