Nurian Super Advanced Portable Dictionary with Dual LCDs

Nurian Super Advanced Portable Dictionary with Dual LCDs


It might not be the case around these parts, but portable dictionaries are incredibly popular in Japan and Korea. As such, the manufacturers really have to step it up in order to stand out from the rest of the word-slinging crowd. Nurian has done just that with their latest creation, the Nurian X10.

This multimedia electronic dictionary sports dual LCD displays: the main one inside and a smaller one on the outside. The external LCD provides basic information, like the time, and it is flanked by music controls. Yes, music. Flipping the X10 open, you discover a vibrant color touchscreen, a full keyboard, memory card expansion, voice recording, radio reception, electronic scheduler, and video playback capabilities. Oh, and it’s got a dictionary in there too for English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

The 1600mAh battery provides 14 hours of dictionary life, 11 hours of music, or 5 hours of video. Available in black or orange, the Nurian X10 sells for 319,000 KRW (US$343).