Dell Provides Rainbow of Laptops To the World

Dell Provides Rainbow of Laptops To the World


Tired of the same old drab gray that you see everywhere else? Dell thought so, and that’s why the computer maker has just announced that they will be releasing a series of notebooks in a variety of colors. The Inspiron laptops will now come in at least eight different shades, including red, blue, yellow, pink “espresso”, and green, as well as black and white for the less adventurous.

These colorful options will become available for 14.1, 15.4, and 17-inch laptops. Something that we should note, however, is that it seems like the only part of the lappy that will get any color is the top cover. It’s not a wholly red or wholly blue computing solution. In this way, it’s not all that different than getting those “skins” that they were offering before.

No specific model number was given, but there is also mention of a “23.1mm thick premium notebook” that comes with a slot-loading optical drive, Nvidia graphics, HDMI port, and a biometric security system.