iPod Shuffle Dock Gets Cubed by Princeton

iPod Shuffle Dock Gets Cubed by Princeton


Leave it up to the Japanese manufacturers to develop the cutest accessories you ever did see. Case in point is the Cuby dock for second-generation iPod Shuffles. It places the clip-tastic music player front and center, surrounding it by a blocky, yet rounded mass of glossy white plastic.

Power comes by way of three AA batteries and the music gets blasted, and I use that term loosely, through a pair of stereo speakers, each of which is capable of about 0.5 watts. In addition to serving as a portable stereo system, this dock is also good for connecting to the PC, allowing you to transfer files and so forth. While connected, the dock will draw power from the USB connection.

The Princeton Cuby iPod Shuffle dock measures 49x49x59mm (okay, so it’s quite a perfect cube), weighs 95 grams, will go on sale next month, and will retail for 3980 Yen ($33).