Epson Endeavors to Run TurboLinux On New Computers

Epson Endeavors to Run TurboLinux On New Computers


Epson does more than just printers, don’t you know? They also make computers, and what’s more, they love that cute little penguin so much that they’re going to start offering TurboLinux in their laptops and desktops.

Starting with the desktop side of things, we have the Epson Endeavor LX7800. You get the full range of Intel processors to choose from, ranging from Celeron on the low-end right up to the latest Core 2 Duo. There’s no love for AMD, but at least you’ve got the penguin on your side.

For the laptop lovers in the audience, there is the Epson Endeavor LX1000 notebook. It comes equipped with a 15-inch XGA display, ATI Radeon Xpress 200M GPU, and probably more Intel-ness like its desktop counterpart. Both computers will be built-to-order (BTO).