David Pogue Reviews the Apple iPhone (Video)

David Pogue Reviews the Apple iPhone (Video)


Here it is folks. One of the first full-on reviews you will see of the Apple iPhone and it comes to us from none other than David Pogue of the New York Times. He’s quite the amusing fellow as he walks us through the entire process of receiving a secretive note from Apple, meeting up with a henchman in the park, keeping the device hidden from colleagues, and ultimately disappointing everyone with the iPhone’s shortcomings.

On the plus side, Pogue loves all the features that the iPhone comes with, allowing you to sift through your music library, browse pictures, surf the web in full HTML, and — his favorite feature — the ability to access Google Maps on the go with simulated turn-by-turn navigation.

That said, the iPhone isn’t without its faults. There’s no removable battery, the EDGE network is painfully slow, and you have no means of expanding the memory. Watch the video below to see what the Pogue-ster has to say.