Phantom Miro 3: Lightning-fast, heavy-duty shooter

Phantom Miro 3: Lightning-fast, heavy-duty shooter


This is one serious camera. So serious that you have to inquire further to find out the price. Yes, it’s one of those.

Seriously, if you’re ally into your digital shooting and you need a heavy-duty, insanely-high-per-frame camera and you work for a large industrial company that will pay the bill for you, the Phantom Miro 3 is a good option. It can shoot up to 1,000 frames a second at 800×600. (Take it down a notch to 512×512 and you can achieve 2,220 fps.)

All manner of lighting options are available as well, with shutter speeds as low as 2 microseconds, allowing you to get rid of blur, freeze an insane amount of action in an instant, and set yourself up nicely for motion analysis on a grand (or minute) scale. Video out options include both PAL and NTSC

One thing to keep in mind, though: Your built-in memory maxes out at 2GB; so even though you can take 1,000 frames a second, you might not be able to store 10 minutes’ worth of that kind of frenetic shooting.