Next-Gen Apple iPhone to Debut at Macworld 2008

Next-Gen Apple iPhone to Debut at Macworld 2008


We’re still a few days away from the official launch of the Apple iPhone, but if some “insiders” are to be believed, the Cupertino crew is already working on the cell phone’s successor. What’s more, the next-generation iPhone — whatever it will be called — is apparently on track to debut at Macworld 2008 in San Francisco.

Among the new features that we’ll find on the next-gen offering are GPS, expanded WiFi capability, and the ability to sync with email servers. This might be fine and dandy for an iPhone2, but I’d be much more interested in something like the iPhone nano. Less powerful, yes, but substantially more pocketable.

According to President/CEO of Dell Global Consumer Group Ron Garriques, “the marketing and hype surrounding iPhone is good”… very good. There is no real reason to believe that the iPhone won’t be a success, so it only makes sense that “they are working on iPhone2, iPhone3 and 4 versions.”