Lap Blaster Pumps Up the Volume

Lap Blaster Pumps Up the Volume


Ever since taking the migration from a desktop to a laptop, I’ve never looked back. Sure, there are performance sacrifices, but the portability more than makes up for that. Unfortunately, when it comes to laptops, you’re typically stuck with some pretty crappy on-board speakers. The Lap Blaster Sound Booster dock is designed to rectify that situation.

Basically, you plunk your existing notebook onto this gargantuan thing and it transforms your laptop “into a personal home theater experience by amplifying laptop sound through two full range speakers.” It’s not surround sound, but it will certainly be a bit louder. To make the Lap Blaster — sounds like a cheesy arcade game — even more attractive, the developers have also integrated an iPod USB dock.

No information has been released regarding pricing or availability, so our laps will have to remain unblasted for the time being.