iPod Viewers: Keep Your Video to Yourself

iPod Viewers: Keep Your Video to Yourself


I’m not such a big fan of small video screens, mainly because I have bad eyesight anyway. I do like, however, the look of these myvu media viewer glasses, even if they score rather high on the geek scale.

Coming down firmly in the form over function category, the wraparound glasses simulate what you’d see if you were watching a large screen six feet away. You get “stereo” video, so you see more than you normally would if you had just one screen, and best of all, the screens are right in front of your eyes—no more squinting.

The battery life of the myvu personal media viewer is eight hours, which might be more than a video iPod if you have one of the early editions. The price tag is a tad high, though, coming in at US$459. Still, if you’re into video of the portable kind and you want to be up close and personal with your images, then you might see your way clear to a pair of these.