Console Enables Two-thumb Texting

Console Enables Two-thumb Texting


The TwoStick system adds another level of complexity to communication-by-text. A full keyboard for the non-QWERTY crowd, the TwoStick gives you a different way of communicating using both hands. No more “text thumb” to worry about.

You use both thumbs, actually, spreading the love (and fatigue) around. The interface works on a quadrant system, whereby you select quadrants with your left thumb and then use your right thumb to select an individual letter or symbol within that quadrant.

The one thing we should point out here is that even though the controller looks suspiciously like it has been developed for mobile gaming, it hasn’t, really. The developers say they’re much more interested in texting possibilities at the moment, but we could see something like this working for PSP, Xbox, DS Lite, and the like.