Clamp Down on Anything Near Your Cell Phone

Clamp Down on Anything Near Your Cell Phone


I’m not at all surprised that this came out of Japan, actually. Seems perfectly natural that a country that can zero in on a problem you didn’t know you had and provide a ready solution that you really want would come up with something like this.

There’s no hidden features here. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a miniature plastic mechanical clamp that comes with a cell phone strap. Grab anything you like with the Mini Mini Hand Strap. It all comes back with you, as long as the claw holds onto whatever it is.

The clamp is detachable but comes with a strap that fits easily into a corner slot on a cell phone or a camera (or a cameraphone).

Choose from one of three colors: aquamarine, yellow, and pink. All are available from SnapYa for US$4.26 each.