A Tough and Tumble iPod Dock For Your Bike

A Tough and Tumble iPod Dock For Your Bike


It’s totally tubular man! Just in time for the summer biking season, iHome has just revealed the iH85B Cycler iPod speaker dock, specifically designed with bike-riders in mind. Having headphone cords dangle all over the place isn’t exactly the best scenario when you’re trying to tear up that trail, so why not just share your iPod tunes with the rest of your spandex-wearing crew?

The iHome iH85B Cycler mounts to your bike’s handlebars, and thanks to its water and impact resistant polycarbonate case, it can really take a beating without ever skipping a beat. They say that the universal dock will fit all models of iPods. They also promise that sound quality will be top notch thanks to the integrated Reson8 technology.

According to the iHome website, the iH85B Cycler is “coming soon” with a price of $99.99.