Video: Is That a Wii On Your Head Or…

Video: Is That a Wii On Your Head Or…


Yup, you’re also happy to see me. The Nintendo Wii has done a fantastic job of infiltrating the mainstream, but there are still plenty of weirdos hanging out on the fringe. For a whole new take on the motion sensitive craze, check out the WiiHelm, an accessory for the Nintendo Wii that literally places the control on your head.

It’s glossy white like the rest of the gaming console and comes with a slot where you can fit the Wii Remote. You don’t have to worry about finding the buttons on top of your head either, because there is a foot pedal included that “allows easy button presses using minimal toe effort.” Using this system, your hands become completely free to grab your Coke from the coffee table.

What’s more, the WiiHelm makes for a more efficient gaming experience: “it was found that manipulating muscles in your neck for 10 minutes uses 64% less energy than waving your arms about like a lunatic.” Right, like spinning your head around doesn’t make you look like a lunatic.