Vatican: Owning a Ferrari is a Sin

Vatican: Owning a Ferrari is a Sin


This can’t possibly be good for business. According to the recent “Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road” released by the Vatican, a good Christian does not use their cars as status symbols designed to make others envious. In reply to this release, Ferrari general manager Amadeo Felisa told Reuters that he doesn’t feel owning a Ferrari is a sin.

Although the incredibly hot-looking supercars could clearly elicit a great sense of envy among passers-by (myself included), Felisa noted that “most the marque’s customers make a purchase because they simply love to drive.” In this way, he is sure that buying a Ferrari isn’t a sin.

But think about it. How many people buy a Ferrari just so that they can be seen in it? I need not remind you of the original The Fast and the Furious: “Ferrari… more than you can afford pal!”