New PSP Firmware Overclocks Processor to 333 MHz

New PSP Firmware Overclocks Processor to 333 MHz


You want fast? You itching with that need for speed? Sony is serving up a few extra rotations with the latest PSP firmware upgrade, effectively bumping the processor speed from 266 to 333 MHz. Previously, it was thought that Sony kept the processor speed a little lower in order to extend battery life, but I guess they’re now willing to sacrifice some of that juice in order to unleash a decent performance bump.

Of course, if you’re already actively involved in the homebrew scene, you have had access — for some time, I might add — to applications that let you overclock the processor to 333 MHz. Well, with firmware version 3.50, the overclocking is official.

Could this new firmware be paving the way to a bigger battery or, gasp, the next-gen PSP? Time will tell.