Chinese Sedan With a One-Star Crash Test Rating (Video)

Chinese Sedan With a One-Star Crash Test Rating (Video)


There are a number of manufacturers in China and Taiwan and produce quality products. Many laptops and other portable gizmos, regardless of what their outward branding may lead you to believe, are actually put together by OEMs and ODMs in China. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of companies that make some rather shady items.

The Brilliance BS6 sedan, made by a Chinese manufacturer, was recently put through a standard crash test by Germany’s ADAC. The result was a score of one star out of five. Back in 2005, the Landwind X6 SUV by Jiangling Motors of China went through a similar test and received a score of zero. According to an ADAC spokesman, “The BS6 sedan performed almost as badly as the Landwind.”

We’re all for having nice looking cars with all the latest features, but if it’s not safe to drive, then what’s the point. In fact, ADAC says that “a person would probably not survive a crash in the BS6 at 64 km/h.”