Video: Want to fly? For $200K, You Can

Video: Want to fly? For $200K, You Can


Not everyone can fly like Nathan Patrelli, but we can dream. Oh yes, we can dream. Flying man! Shoooo!

If you have $200,000 kicking around, you can soar above the city and I’m not talking about hopping on a plane or a chopper. No, I’m talking about a jet pack, similar to one you would have seen in the Rocketeer. (Does anyone still remember that movie?) Developed by Jetpack International, this turbine-powered jet pack “has an estimated flight time of 19 minutes, with a range of 27 miles at a max altitude of 250 ft.”

Okay, so you won’t get very far and it’s not all that useful for soaring across the nation, but 19 minutes of flying time should be enough to get you to the crime scene, right?