The Ultimate Paradox: Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Spotted

The Ultimate Paradox: Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Spotted


Creations like this boggle my mind. Big honking SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade are known to be gas guzzlers, but that’s the price you pay for luxury. This apparently is no longer the case. The team at General Motors have reportedly created a hybrid version of the big honking SUV, making it just a little greener than other oversized people-movers.

The Escalade Hybrid prototype has been spotted driving around in the Nevada desert, and unlike the Tahoe and Yukon Hybrids in the GM lineup, the Escalade Hybrid “won’t feature any unique styling cues to set it apart.” The only real indication that the vehicle has a dual-powered personality is some “subtle badging.”

In addition to the Escalade’s beefy V8 engine, power will also come from a pair of electric motors that provide a 25% increase in fuel economy. Look for this hybrid Caddy to hit showrooms this fall.