Fashionology: Jacket with Built-in iPod Controls

Fashionology: Jacket with Built-in iPod Controls


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: How can you keep this piece of clothing clean? It’s the Fashionology jacket from iLuv, and as the company’s first letter suggests, it’s an accessory for the iPod. Just plunk that little MP3 player in a vest pocket, plug it in to the pre-installed wiring, and you’re off, able to access controls built in to the jacket’s left forearm.

This is obviously not for everyone, especially left-handed people, who will have to work those controls with their non-dominant hand. Those buttons are rather large, meaning that you can use your thumb or a gloved finger to change the volume, skip a song, etc.

But my concern is this: I know the makers of these things say they’re washing-proof, but what happens when you forget and run it through the hot water wash cycle and then the dryer? Or worse, what happens when you take it the dry cleaner and they press 10 tons of steam into the forearm control panel?

Just some questions to ask yourself before you buy. Your answer might be that you’d just buy another one. We don’t know the price yet, because the product has just been announced and won’t hit markets until this fall.