Lapdeck Straps a Table to Your Legs

Lapdeck Straps a Table to Your Legs


I can see the appeal of a contraption like this. The promo picture has the Lapdeck being used to hold an Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel, but there are so many other possible applications for this portable table. Stuck in 400 square foot apartment with no room for a coffee table? No problem. At the airport and can’t find anywhere to put your laptop? Lay ‘er on down. Too lazy to lean over to the coffee table to grab another potato chip? Then put her here, my friend.

In short, the Lapdeck sounds like it could actually be pretty useful. Basically, it takes a piece of wood, attaches it to a raised glass platform, and then straps the whole contraption to your thighs so it doesn’t go flying away. It may not be pretty, but it looks like it could get the job done, assuming that you don’t have fidgety legs.

The crappy part is that the designers are asking for… drum roll please… $350 a piece. And there’s a six-week waiting list to boot.