iRiver Teases Us With the Ultimate Super Player

iRiver Teases Us With the Ultimate Super Player


iRiver makes some rather nifty electronics, but they’re usually a little more up front with their releases. They’re taking a different approach with the “Life Unit”, however, setting up a teaser site to whet our chops. From what we hear, this super player will have the ability to rock out to some DVDs, shoot out some TV programming, take care of all your PMP needs, and latch onto the web via a WAN/LAN connection. This opens up the possibility of internet streaming.

To get a DVD in there (or a CD if you prefer), there’s a slot-loading player hidden beneath the auto-sliding door. The other main input is via the SD slot, and yes, the Life Unit can “act as an access point/charging station for other iRiver players.”

The base unit controller is a 78-key QWERTY unit and it’ll also control the portable side of things as well. More teasing ensues, so we’ll have to wait for some sort of official unveiling before we can tell you more.