Creative Zen Stone Plus: It’s Got a Screen!

Creative Zen Stone Plus: It’s Got a Screen!


If you’re one of the people that just dropped $40 on the Creative Zen Stone, you might be kicking yourself in just a moment. That’s because Creative has just announced the Zen Stone Plus, an MP3 player is nearly identical in size to the Zen Stone, except it’s got a display, FM radio, and double the memory. In short, it improves on the “original” Zen Stone — which was only released a short while ago — in just about every way.

In an effort to keep battery life respectable — the Plus variant only takes a half-hour hit compared to the old Stone — the display here is not full color. Instead, it’s a tiny blue OLED with very little viewing area. It’s great to see more memory here too, providing you with a full 2 gigs of storage. It might be a little too cutesy-wootsy for some folks, but there’s something definitely appealing about this… even more so now that it has a screen.

No official confirmation one way or another, but we hear that the initial launch price will be 99 Singapore dollars, which works out to about $70 USD.