Website Offers Trials of iPhone Applications

Website Offers Trials of iPhone Applications


iPhone mania is definitely upon us. It’s not too long now until the eagerly awaited phone will be released to the world. Another in a long line of iPhone-related items is a website that allows you to “try before you buy,” sampling third-party software that will be released with or soon after the release of the Apple phone.

Want to make a shopping list? Looking for weather reports or cheap gasoline? Looking for Xbox integration? Can’t find any movies in your area? Want to blog to your heart’s content with your phone? You can if you buy into the host of applications on the iPhone Applications website.

More applications will no doubt be added in the coming days and weeks. Make your list now, if you think you can get your hands on an iPhone before they sell out. And if you don’t care about Apple’s new product, then you’ll have even more hype to ignore this summer.