Video: Google Boss Proudly Shows Off His Apple iPhone

Video: Google Boss Proudly Shows Off His Apple iPhone


Whereas the rest of the general public still has to wait a week and a half (if not longer) before they can get their hands on an Apple iPhone, Google CEO Eric Schmidt already has one. What’s more, he recently held a talk at the World Economic Forum wherein he not only discussed various issues surrounding the search engine giant — like the Viacom lawsuit, cookie lifetimes, and personalization — but he also whipped out the Jesus phone for all to see.

Before he got there, though, he mentioned that one of the strongest relationships Google has had with a cell phone manufacturer or provider has been with KDDI of Japan. Google provides all sorts of productivity software and other applications for the people of Japan and they hope to do the same with the iPhone around these parts.

If you’re only interested in the Apple and Google stuff, skip ahead to about the 24 minute mark of the video below.