Sliding Around with the Intel Florence Concept PC

Sliding Around with the Intel Florence Concept PC


Not content with what is currently being offered in the marketplace, Intel has just created a whole new kind of PC with the Florence concept. Yes, they really are trying to leap ahead with this creation. It’s got an ample-sized display surrounded in beautiful carbon fiber-like trim, and while this makes it quite the beautiful digital picture frame, the Florence is capable of oh so much more.

Running a full build of Windows, the Florence can slide its display backwards to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard hidden beneath. With the keyboard in place, you’ll be using it like a conventional laptop in no time. The portable machine goes one step further by providing a wireless VoIP phone as well, letting you talk like a normal person (sort of) rather than through a contrived mic and speaker combo.

Gorgeous, functional, and futuristic, the Intel Florence Concept PC — on display at Computex in Taipei — is a sign of things to come.