Logitech Alto Notebook Stand Raises It Up With Integrated Keyboard

Logitech Alto Notebook Stand Raises It Up With Integrated Keyboard


Logitech announced a whole new family of laptop accessories this morning, the most notable of which is the Alto notebook stand. This unique creation not only props up your laptop to a more comfortable angle, but it’s also got a built-in keyboard. In essence, it transforms just about any portable computer into a complete desktop solution. Available now for US$99.95, the Logitech Alto is the top of the line offering and the built-in keyboard is full-sized with a numerical keypad, one touch media and volume controls, and 12 hot keys for quick access. The Alto (pictured) also boasts a cable management system, USB ports, and a foldable, compact design.

Also announced today are the Logitech Alto Connect notebook stand with four-port USB hub (US$79.99) and the Alto Express notebook stand made of “stylish hard plastic” (US$29.99). All of these are designed to provide a more comfortable, ergonomic experience.

But wait, there’s more. The people in the Logitech labs have been hard at work engineering lots of new goodies. In addition to the three notebook stands, they also created the Kinetik 15.4 notebook backpack and the Kinetik 15.4 laptop briefcase. Both units — which will retail for US$99.99 a piece — offer a “stylish and flexible take on the traditional notebook case.” Last but not least are a couple of productivity tools: the Premium 4-Port USB Hub and Cordless Number Pad for Notebooks retail for US$29.99 and $39.99, respectively.