Levi’s To Launch Hip Cell Phone for Young People

Levi’s To Launch Hip Cell Phone for Young People


Levi’s is easily the best known name when it comes to jeans, but the denim brand is now expanding their brand beyond clothing that covers your rear end. Now they want to get in your ear with a brand new mobile phone. According to Senior Vice President You Nguyen, “Technology is at the heart of today’s youth culture and mobile phones are the ultimate accessory. Adding a mobile phone to our collection is a natural progression for Levi’s, a brand that is driven to meet the desires of young people.”

So, in a nutshell, Levi’s is trying to be hip and with it. If this was really the case, you would think that their cell phone offering would be more attractive that this rather plain Jane device. To be available in silver, black, and brown copper, the Levi’s cell phone was designed by ModeLabs Group of Paris. Interestingly, they make no mention of any sort of technical specification, so there’s no saying whether or not this thing even has a camera and a music player.

In any case, we’ll find out in September of this year when Levi’s starts selling their freshman mobile phone “in selected stores throughout Europe.”