Wi-Fi Signal Successfully Travels 238 Miles

Wi-Fi Signal Successfully Travels 238 Miles


We usually talk about Wi-Fi range in terms of recognizable distances, like 3 to 5 meters or 30 to 50 feet. But 238 miles? Come on.

Yet that’s the number that has been reported by a researcher in Venezuela who sent a signal from one research station in the Andes Mountains to another. (That’s 382 kilometers for those counting in metrics.) The ironic thing here is that Intel has reported a top distance of just 20 miles, yet Ermanno Pietrosemoli, the Venezuelan researcher, used Intel equipment paired with off-the-shelf parts to send his message. Actually, the previous record was 310 kilometers (192 miles), but who’s counting?

Now, distance is great, but what about speed? Well, Pietrosemoli is still working on that aspect of his transmissions. His top speed right now is 3mbps in either direction. That will improve in time, of course.