PQI DAP: Simple Yet Functional

PQI DAP: Simple Yet Functional


Who says your DAP has to be expensive or come from Cupertino?

PQI of Taiwan has something to say about that, releasing the JoyTone U801, a no-nonsense, straight-ahead music player that can be used as a credit card reader.

The display is rather limited, at just one line of LED display, and the onboard memory is non-existent. And, to play those MP3 or WMA files, you’ll need to store them on SD or MMC cards (which you probably would do anyway).

The JoyTone U801 also has an equalizer, which has six settings to help you enjoy or change your mood. And don’t miss the not-at-all novel blue backlight.

We wish we could tell you that this device is available now, but we can’t; neither can we tell you the price.