Nokia Goes Full Size With BH-604 Bluetooth Headphones

Nokia Goes Full Size With BH-604 Bluetooth Headphones


Go big or go home. Apparently that’s the new message coming out of Finland, because Nokia has just unveiled the company’s first full-size Bluetooth stereo headset. No more of these tiny in-ear pieces or even the wraparound the back of your head type things. Nope, the BH-604 is a big honking thing with big honking DJ-style cans.

These large “padded ear cups” are supposed to offer extended listening time… though, I’m not really sure how those two matters relate. Naturally, the headset has some built-in controls that let you pause and play your music, adjust the volume, and all that other normal stuff that you’ve come to expect from Bluetooth stereo headsets. It’ll switch to phone calls automatically, though I’m not sure where they hid the microphone.

Look for the Nokia BH-604 Bluetooth stereo headset to start shipping this summer with an asking price of about $175.