BioStation Access Controller Got Fingered

BioStation Access Controller Got Fingered


It took me a second to figure out exactly what the BioStation by Suprema was supposed to do. After a little head scratching, I’ve concluded that it is one of those things that locks and unlocks doors for you, controlling access to secured areas. You know, like in Terminator 2 where they had to get into Cyberdyne and steal the future arm thing…

Anyways, the BioStation comes with a biometric finger reader — which can apparently recognize up to 3000 fingerprints per second — as well as a numeric keypad for old school PINs and an RF card reader for, well, RF cards. The 2.5-inch, 16 million color display tells you all that pertinent information, whereas the built-in WiFi beams the information accordingly.

Apparently, the PR manager is a hot Korean model. That, or he’s a dirty old man who wants his avatar to be a hot Korean model.