AT&T Launches Video-sharing for Mobiles

AT&T Launches Video-sharing for Mobiles


Aiming to capitalize on iPhone-mania, AT&T has released Video Share, a service that lets you have live video conversations on your mobile. You’ll need an AT&T phone, but that’s beside the point, really, since the iPhone is an AT&T phone. The focus is on the technology, which is part of AT&T’s grand scheme to capture a large part of the wireless market. Video Share will eventually be expanded to include television and PC outlets as well.

For now, the service will debut in Atlanta, Dallas, and San Antonio, charging subscribers US$9.99 a month for an hour’s worth of video sharing (or 25 minutes for US$4.99). You’ll also be able to pay-as-you-go for 35 cents a minute.

After the initial launch, the service will gradually spread to 160 markets by the end of July.