2 More Video Watches from Epoq

2 More Video Watches from Epoq


Epoq keeps on churning out the high-tech watches. A new pair have just hit the streets; one is a sports model, and the other is designed for suit-wearing types.

Both models give you 2GB of video-watching pleasure. Even if it’s on a 1.8-inch screen, you’re watching MP4 videos, so you can appreciate the richness that that formatting allows.

Like other portable viewers, it can display e-books. We suspect that plain text might be more difficult to see on a screen that small, but perhaps not. It’s still a good function to have—something that you don’t find on many similar devices. You can also listen to music via MP3s.

The EMP-CVWD-2 is the dress model and include a stainless steel case. The EMP-CVWS-2 is the sport model and is water-resistant, headphone-enabled, and comes with a sport urethane band.

Pricing is US$159.95 for the sport model and US$199.95 for the dress model. You’ll begin to see them next month. Plans for 4GB models have been announced as well.