Totally Modular Dude: Compenion Dual-OLED Laptop Concept

Totally Modular Dude: Compenion Dual-OLED Laptop Concept


This isn’t your companion. This is the Compenion, a futuristic laptop concept that — if it ever makes it production — will blow away the competition with its unique form factor and svelte good looks.

In some ways, it’s like a Tablet PC, because there’s no real keyboard to speak of. Instead, it boasts a pair of OLED touchscreen displays. The top one will show off Windows Vista with the best of them, whereas the bottom becomes a situation-specific input device (use your fingers or the “senstylus” pen). It’s also interesting to note that it apparently takes on a sliding shape, rather than a folding one like a conventional laptop.

Oh, and it’s totally modular. You can connect to an external keyboard if that’s what tickles your fancy. You can also connect it “through a series of docking stations” and it will “adapt to the environment where you’re using it. For example, the home dock might have a projector for viewing video.”