iRiver PMP Pulls in Satellite Content, Too

iRiver PMP Pulls in Satellite Content, Too


You have to wonder whether letters or other characters go missing sometimes. How else to explain the definitely odd name of iRiver’s new PMP, the U:MO. See, I would have thought that it would be a UMO or an UNO or definitely something without a : in there.

The name’s really not all that important here, so let’s move on. What we’re talking about is a multimedia device that can run not only your own personal audio and video but also someone else’s, via that nice, neat little antenna. Yes, you can pull in a full complement of 40 music channels and 8 video channels. About the only stipulation is that you have to access this content from Mobile USEN, a sometimes-known satellite content provider.

The storage space on the U:MO is rather limited, at just 1GB, so you’ll want to stock up on miniSD cards, since that’s the variety of exchangeable memory that this PMP takes.

We’re still waiting on pricing info, although the U;MO is available for purchase now.