IOGEAR Bluetooth Speakerphone Amplifies Mobile Chats

IOGEAR Bluetooth Speakerphone Amplifies Mobile Chats


Despite the fact that you could mistake this item for a garage door opener, it’s a handy little thing to have. It’s a portable Bluetooth speakerphone from IOGEAR, and one of the things that comes with it is a sun visor clip, so there you are.

The GBHFK201W6 comes with a car charger, naturally, so you can charge it and your mobile while you’re on the move (but not, theoretically, at the same time, unless you use the USB charger that comes with it as well). No need to consult any kind of compatibility list, for OPGEAR have made sure that this portable speakerphone works with all Bluetooth mobiles. We suppose that you could use it in your office, just to show off, or seriously for meetings with colleagues who are on the road.

Talk time between battery recharges is about eight hours, which just might be more than your mobile. The GBHFK201W6 is available now and can be had for US$138.