Apple Launches Official 3D QuickTours of iPhone

Apple Launches Official 3D QuickTours of iPhone


I know, I know. We’re only 11 days away from the Apple iPhone and some of you may be quite tired of all the press that Cupertino’s cell phone is getting. If you thought that there was already a lot of buzz surrounding this device, you’re probably in for a huge second wave after some reviews start popping up on the web. Before that happens, though, you can have a pseudo opportunity to fondle an Apple iPhone yourself.

The unfortunate thing is that you won’t actually have a physical unit in your hands. Instead, for the time being, you’ll be restricted to some nifty 3D QuickTours that Apple has set up on their website. The demos found within “are exceedingly successful at showing how some of the phone’s more widespread technologies work.”

Apple fanboys can get their iPhone QuickTours fix here.