Sharp iPod Docks Improve Sound

Sharp iPod Docks Improve Sound


The large number of iPod speakers begin to look the same after awhile. Some have two speakers, some have four, and some blend in with the decor. A new pair from Sharp look rather like others of their ilk, featuring speakers and docking features. But the DK-A1 and DK-A10 have a few things going for them that aren’t found much elsewhere.

The most evolutionary of these is an electronic equalizer, which melds its performance to the genre of the tunes, giving you a unique set of sounds no matter what you’re listening to. The other fine feature to take note of is Esound, which uses advanced sound techniques to reverse some of the dilution caused by MP3 compression.

The iElegances, as they’re known, offer CD functionality and other typical features, such as an alarm clock with sleep timer. One is larger than the other and costs US$100 more. The smaller one sells for US$229.99.