Charge Your Mobile Using Wind Power

Charge Your Mobile Using Wind Power


No worries about finding a plugin or even an adapter with this mobile phone charger. It’s powered by the wind.

Using the power of nature, the Mini Wind-Powered Phone Charger re-juices your phone without resorting to electricity. As the photo suggests, it’s not the sort of windmill that Don Quixote tilted against but rather a small jobbie that’s more or less easily transportable in a briefcase or large purse or something. It does weight a bit more than it looks like it does, coming in at 150 grams.

You could also look at this as an opportunity to use those plugins on your portable generator to recharge your MP3 player or electric shaver or something like that.

Anyway, what we have is a prototype at this stage. Orange, one of the U.K. cellular giants, has announced this prototype and plans to market it whenever it is ready to come to market.