Kodak Promises Revolutionary Color Filter Technology

Kodak Promises Revolutionary Color Filter Technology


Kodak always was one to innovate. Even though it got left behind in the rush to digital, the legacy of Eastman has roared back with a developing color-filter technology that can vastly improve light sensitivity. That’s good news for those who shoot in low light and other challenging conditions.

The new technology, which Kodak has been working on for nearly five years, introduces panchromatic cells into the digital imaging mix, bringing forth a larger amount of light toward the sensor and enabling the camera to capture more of the light spectrum. The result is better photos no matter how bad the lighting is. That’s good news for you who are notoriously bad at setting up shots.

A by-product of this technology is clearer photos of moving objects as well, achieved with faster shutter speeds.

We can expect to see the new technology in Kodak products perhaps as early as next spring. Kodak also predicts that the technology will migrate to cameraphones.