An Affordable GSM Mobile Watch Phone

An Affordable GSM Mobile Watch Phone


I know you’ve all had a James Bond fantasy at some point in your life. Now you can actually live that fantasy with the M300 watch phone. Available now from Brando of Hong Kong, the M300 features quad-band GSM radios so it’ll work anywhere in the world. The display is a small but efficient 1-inch OLED with 65k colors.

But wait, there’s more. This thing even has an integrated MP3 player, despite the fact that it lacks a memory card expansion slot (only 60MB internal). The M300 watch phone has full-featured Bluetooth connectivity. This includes the awesome A2DP stereo profile… they even toss in a free A2DP headset.

Voice calls don’t seem like they’d be a problem, but what about sending text messages? Well, unfortunately it can’t do that. It can receive SMS messages, however. If you want to be really Bond about it, you can use the built-in mic and speaker, talking right into the watch (phone) itself.

Available only in black, the M300 GSM Mobile Watch Phone retails for US$305.