Liquid Lenses Achieve Zoom

Liquid Lenses Achieve Zoom


They might sound like they’re all wet, but liquid lenses are serious business. And, they seem to be here to stay, thanks to an announcement from a Franco-German consortium focuses on a system of liquid lenses that can record images up to 2.5x magnification.

The camera has no moving parts, which is all the more remarkable given the viscous nature of its lenses. Such liquid light-capturing material can be cheaper and smaller than what we have today while not sacrificing quality or magnification.

The prototype is rather large, at 29 millimeters. That length will certainly shrink in the near future, as the scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering refine their processes. The good news for fans of smaller yet more powerful digital imagers is that liquid lenses have arrived. A good next step will be to expand on the 2.5x magnification possible now.