The World’s Most Secure Biometric External Hard Drive

The World’s Most Secure Biometric External Hard Drive


From a personal standpoint, I don’t want random people accessing my banking information, for example. From a business standpoint, there are countless tidbits of information that you don’t want leaked out for all to see. Thankfully, even if someone takes off the Aegis Bio external hard drive from Apricorn, they probably won’t be able to access any of the files within. They say this is the most secure biometric external hard drive ever.

I’m not a big fan of the Apricorn name — it’s like the illegitimate lovechild of an apricot and a unicorn — but this portable storage solution sounds pretty secure. The Aegis Bio “is a hardware encrypted biometric hard drive that allows users to securely access their files with a fingerprint biometric sensor.” They’re not the first to do the biometric thing, so what makes this so much more secure than the “other guy”?

Well, they say that there’s “real-time hardware-based encryption” via the Oxford Semiconductor storage controller IC. Thanks to 128-bit AES encryption, the data on the drive is rendered “impenetrable even if it is removed from the enclosure.”

The 80GB, 120GB, and 160GB Aegis Bio models retail for $199, $219, and $289, respectively. Buy them here.