Suit Jacket Hides, Accommodates iPod

Suit Jacket Hides, Accommodates iPod


I had to look a few times, too, to be sure that I was seeing what you think you’re seeing in that photo. Yes, that’s an iPod Suit, a dress jacket designed specially for the Apple MP3 player enthusiast. You might be one of the few who continue to wear business clothing on Casual Friday.

The suit has a special pocket for the iPod and special lining pouches for the wires. Best of all, controls for volume and selection have been sewn into the fabric beneath the suit’s left lapel. (Sorry to all you left-handers out there.)

Not surprisingly, this suit is dry clean-only, and you’d better tell your dry cleaners to pay special attention to those lapel controls, so they don’t get pressed into one big plastic mess. In fact, you’d better make sure you don’t leave the iPod in there, either.

Marks & Spencer, the British company behind this new trend-setter, is offering a matching pair of pants as well, although it isn’t entirely clear whether they will have iPod-hiding capabilities as well. The jacket by itself goes for US$177; the trousers will cost you another US$116.