Split Personality: Montevallo Tablet, Laptop, LCD TV

Split Personality: Montevallo Tablet, Laptop, LCD TV


Looks like the the Montevallo wants to be all things to all people. It can function as a Tablet PC on its own, get mounted to transform into a notebook, or plunked into a dock to act as an LCD TV. No need to buy three separate devices, because this all-in-one machine really can do it all.

The 14-inch display (of unspecified resolution) looks very glossy and because it’s a tablet, we have to assume that it’s a touchscreen. I like the dock for the laptop as the display can slide around on the sides, providing you with whatever angle you want. The most interesting form, however, is when you plunk it into the LCD TV dock, because that’s even got built-in speakers. Naturally, the Montevallo has an integrated TV tuner.

No word on pricing or availability.